The power of positive thinking And dating in a small town

SERIOUSLY. I have been a big believer in the power of positive thinking, karma, and that there is something “greater”in the universe.  I read “The Secret” back when it came out and believe that it has helped me stray from a negative way of thinking. So why, I must ask, are there people out there who are trying to bring me down?! Has this happened to you??

I work at a smaller scale hospital, where females are the majority of employees. I also live in a smaller college town. First off, never have I ever, experienced drama like I have recently. My husband has an ex-fiancé that works at the same hospital and she has been spreading nasty tumors since the day I was hired. It is one of the perks of living in a small town.

Let me just tell you, I met him long after they broke up and she broke up with him. He had a girlfriend in between our relationship and the one with her. I didn’t in a million years think she would be so nasty. I get along well with the majority of my exes and their new girlfriends/wives. Small town=you date people that other people you know have dated.

Since I got hired at the same hospital, on the same floor of course, as my husbands ex, she has been nothing but trouble. I even went out of my way to talk to her and let her know I respect her and her past relationship with my hubby. I didn’t talk about him because I didn’t want her to feel like I was rubbing it in. Turns out, at that time she was PREGNANT with my brother’s best friend’s child. She still told people I “stole her boyfriend” and “got a job there on purpose” to intimidate her. I forgot to mention I was a new grad RN and got the job there because my teachers placed me there for my management rotation. Luck of the draw😒

People were rude to me for the first 6-8 months I worked there-oh and I was pregnant too at the time. I cried everyday on my way to work. Trying to learn a new job all while being pregnant with my first child and being hated on. I didn’t put this in the universe, wtf?!! I tried to keep it all to myself and told only those close to me, hoping that his ex would move on and focus on her own life.

“Focus on the positive” I told myself over and over and over.  I surrounded myself with wonderful people and family who helped remind me that I hadn’t done anything wrong but fall in love. I do love my husband more than anything and I am crazy in love with my daughter. All this negativity will go away I thought…

For anyone who is bullied or being treated poorly, just keep your head up and your mouth shut. It’s so difficult to do. I just want to defend myself all the time. There is no need when you know in your heart who you are.

FAST FWD 1+ year: I changed departments at the hospital to accommodate my family life…..Until next time.